power loss, low compression

Anyone know the psi and method for getting it? Seems like i read 225 psi is about right with efi butterflies open. I turned on ignition and could hear butterflies open and close with throttle pedal so i assume i was getting a proper reading by holding it open and cranking. Am i missing something? Is there a decompression device i dont know about? I am only getting 155 and 160 psi.

I realized it was a loss if power issue after talking to todd at hunterworks thinking it was a clutching issue. I had just put in a new primary and transferred the dalton stuff over to the new one, but could not get it to hit rev limiter even when taking all the weights out of arms. I checked intake ducts and they had a very slight amount of dust in them, so that is probably the culprit (k and n filter- yeah i know, i didnt listen)
sounds like big bore kit time?