Polaris Wheels W/ 26″ Mud Lites on a Honda?

Polaris came stock with the tires I want on my Rancher 420 for hunting season. I’ve found a set of like new wheel & tire take-offs for close to half of what the tires alone would cost me, that I am thinking about getting them to swap those wheels tires onto my ITP SS108 wheels.

I’d like to keep the Mud Lites for a spare in case I tear up a tire (unlikely), or change my mind and decide I want to go mudding (even more unlikely). I’d like to find a set of stock 12×7 4/110 wheels locally to put the Mud Lites on, but not having much luck with that. I’m also not going to spend the money for a set of aftermarket wheels to mount them on, unless there’s a good option that’ll get me all 4 at less than $100.

Since I’ll be getting the stock Polaris wheels with the tires, is their any reason not to run those on the Rancher? I am aware that it will take a 4/110 to 4/156 wheel adapter.