New to the forum, North Alabama

Hey everyone,

I’ve been lurking this site for a long time but just bought my RZR 3 weeks ago and decided to register today.

I picked up a bone stock 2013 RZR S LE in Orange Madness 3 weeks ago for a song (still can’t believe how cheap) that has been meticulously maintained.

I have since added a pair of MCM 8" wake tower speakers and a 400 watt Pyle marine amp under the hood so that we can have music. I’m in the process of working out how to mount my 50 cal ammo can to the bed, my toolkit, (looking at mounting din rails on spacers to the bed using the factory mounting locations) and my cooler.

Very near future plans include a windshield, and a soft top. Later plans include a light bar, rear roll cage bracing (same as the older models came stock with), a backup camera as a rearview mirror, and doors.

We ride a lot in Northeast Alabama with all of our friends that already have RZRs, so we’ve been too busy riding for me to get pics. I’ll try to get some up tonight. Look forward to posting here more often!