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Hello all…

New here on this forum, but not new to forums.

I am helping my sister with her Ranger RZR 800 (2008) and some issues that have cropped up. Starting off with the shifter being clunky, and a dealer that "sold" my brother in law some oversize tires (26x9x12 not bad) installed on the front wheels (appropriate), then they put the front wheels on the back, and the back wheels on the front. (WTF?) I did swap the wheels front to back to stop the tires from rubbing… Now, i’m also shopping for a new set of 26" tires for the rear wheels.

I don’t know much about UTVs, but have been riding motorcycles mostly on the street for the last 33 years. Living in the desert, I love using her machine, and expect her to upgrade at some point where I will buy her old one.