New guy in Olathe KS!

I know, I know, eastern KS isn’t a hot bed for riding opportunities, most of the last decade I have spent playing on a dirt bike, racing enduro and play riding all over the country. Suddenly the wife wants to enjoy some road trips and play time on the trails…if I must! Sooo, here we are new 15′ XP1K, Voodoo Blue! My folks retired in central Arkansas and I have been to a few of the riding areas previously on 2 wheels, that bit of knowledge helps so I know what I am getting into with this 4 wheeled beast!
We have purchased EMP windshield front/rear and EMP rally top, looking to protect mostly, next up bumpers front/rear and some sliders or nerfs! Amazing at the after market for these machines, surprised they don’t just sell a rolling chassis and let folks build from there!
Got to do a 2.5hr ride to break in and try it out, very impressed, quite responsive and plenty of power! Suspension seems firm, as I have ridden in a Ranger quite a bit and those are plush. Clickers are backed off to 4 from full soft front/rear.
This beast will be used for casual trail riding with the lovely wife, suspension tuning and set up will be an area I need assistance, don’t quite understand the dual springs on the rear but like anything, some tweaking and knowledge from those who have tinkered already will help lots.
Thanks already for the info I have found before joining, finding ways to secure these things to a trailer to every accessory known to man..
Look forward to learning..Jason