NEED HELP PLEASE; Need Steering Shaft For EZ Steer

Guys you may have received a phone call from a gentlemen named John from Mountain Motor Sports here in southern California a couple days ago about getting just the shaft part of the EZ Steer unit you sell that the steering wheel connects to. They are installing a new steering wheel for me and the threads on the shaft are stripped.

My son was trying to get the old steering wheel off to install a new one as a surprise for my birthday prior to this and he got so frustrated trying to get it off he beat the crap out of the nut and shaft trying to loosen it. He never got it off and just re-tightened the nut back on as much as he could and stripped the threads on the shaft and he had to leave old steering wheel on. He felt really bad that he couldn’t get the new steering wheel on and surprise me for my birthday.

Could you possibly help Mountain Motor Sports out and sell them just the shaft so they can replace it and install the new steering wheel ?

Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.