JL audio Marine-rated Bluetooth adapter

by far the happiest i have been with my rzr stereo.

just installed a JL Audio MBT-RX hooked to a pyle 2 channel amp with 2 Kicker KM654LCW and i am impressed with it good clear sound and the range is awesome.

i had a JBL PRV-175 mounted in my cup holder and no amp. my biggest complaints were it was super sensitive to battery voltage. had it hooked right to the battery and every time i would start my rzr it would turn off and back on and i would have to re-sync the Bluetooth(major pain). also couldn’t get enough sound out of the speakers to hear them while riding.

now with my new system it connects to my phone automatically, and stays connected even while starting my rzr and the speakers are alot louder and clear.

i wired in 2 switches. 1 switch powers up the amp and the Bluetooth controller and the other switch(mute switch) cuts the power from the first switch to the amp. this allows me to be ripping around and when i come to a stop mute the speakers so i can chat and what not then when i take back off then turn the amp back on and still have the music playing and not have to wait for the Bluetooth to reconnect and push play on my phone.

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