Homebrew turbo setup tuning & modernizing

Had a customer come in, 2007 Renegade, home made turbo setup, had all sorts piggyback injector drivers, extra injectors, stock ecu, wires everywhere, a big mess. Customer had bought the machine, as is, running, had some kinda boogered up 912 kit, dome pistons (!) stock heads, ran it one time, broke a timing chain, on front cylinder. Our job was to figure out what was up, & fix.
We installed a turbo 840 kit, his crank & rods were good, new G2 MRRPM turbo cams, stock atv heads, 9:1 compression, left in tact his homemade turbo setup, Rage three/G1 secondary clutch setup, reflash stock ecu, big injectors, got rid of all piggyback B/S, tuned with PC3, made 114RWHP, @12psi, I’m sure there’s more in it, with a good/different turbo, as this one looks like some kinda diesel turbo or something. Anyway, 20mph wheelies are easy, cheap & powerful easy to tune setup now.

This machine was built years ago, when there were no options as far as engine controls, nowadays, if you want a turbo, simply reflash stock ecu to turbo tune, install a different map sensor, tune with Powercommander. Super easy, cranks right up as stock does, fuel & timing are super easy to tune, only two injectors, use all stock wiring, no splicing.