HatField Mccoy Trip, Advise Needed**

I am planning a group ride next week to Hatfield. We (Mid Michigan Mudders) have never been to any of the Hatfield trails. We have spend the last 6 years in TN are Brimstone, Ride Royal Blue, & Windrock. Windrock being our favorite. In fact we have done the last 3 years.

Deciding to change the scenery we are headed east. The plan is Lodge at Ashlyn Resort and riding Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek & Pocohonta Trail systems.

We will be riding Thursday-Saturday & the group is small this year (11) guys so I’m hoping to cover a lot of group. We are use to a lot of technical riding, water crossing and mud.

Can any of you commend must ride trails, outlaw trails or anything to make sure we get the most out of this trip. Heck if anyone wants to tag along let me know.

Our Facebook is below