Elka Stage 5 Package

Elka’s new 2.5” Stage 5 platform has been in development for more than 2 years and is now becoming available on the market in limited quantities. The design of this platform is derived from their latest Stage 5 technology allowing a less restricted massive oil flow that provides arguably the smoothest feeling shock ever made for UTVs. With this shock, the suspension feels firm and planted yet smooth enough to absorb all types of impacts using only the travel that is needed without bottoming out, no matter where the shock is in its stroke. Built to withstand the abuse from newer long-travel vehicles, the 2.5” Stage 5 delivers the suspension performance needed for drivers who want to push their limits.

LOW-SPEED COMPRESSION : Controls body roll when cornering, rear-end squatting under hard acceleration, front-end diving when braking, riding over whoops at moderate speed, undulations and elevation changes in the terrain
HIGH-SPEED COMPRESSION : Controls landing from big jumps, resistance to harsh or sudden square-edged impacts, riding at high-speed over whoops, vibration when riding at very high speed or when riding over choppy terrain and tire tracks
REBOUND : Controls the speed at which the shock absorbers return to their fully extended position after being compressed from an impact, keeping the wheels on the ground for maximum traction and reducing the bucking effect caused by the spring pressure pushing back after an impact
SPRING PRELOAD : Lets the driver fine-tune the initial force applied on the springs and precisely balance the weight distribution across the front and rear wheels while setting up the ride height (ground or chassis clearance) and to lower or raise the vehicle to adapt to various situations or to suit your personal preference
ADJUSTABLE CROSS-OVER RING : Provides precise adjustment of the transition from the dual-rate springs to the main spring, allowing fine tuning of the plush initial portion of the wheel travel vs. firmer spring platform deeper in the travel to resist bottoming


  • Massive 2.5” (56mm) aluminum body and reservoir, allowing huge oil displacement providing smooth, plush and precise damping
  • Low-friction Teflon-coated body (PTFE)
  • Sturdy, induction-hardened 3/4” (19mm) steel shaft
  • Hard anodized billet machined aluminum components

Available with valving tuned for Desert Racing, XC Racing, MX Racing, Dune Riding, Recreational / Trail Riding.