Dragon fire smash and bash bumper install protrusion

Just did the install super easy and great looking bumpers. I wanted to post this because I had a question on the overall length of the rzr with these bumpers and couldn’t find the answer, maybe this will help someone else. I was limited on space in my trailer and was not 100% sure if these would fit with the added length but took a shot anyways. I have a 2013 xp4 900 and the overall stock body from plastic to plastic was 131 1/2" with my tire setup at 134 1/2. With the new bumpere my overall length is now at 138 1/2 bumper to bumper. Basically the bumpers protrude a total of 7". I know all bodies vary in length but I’d bet the bumpers would all stick off this 7". Seems like an inconsequential post but I know some of us are tight in our tow vehicles and this could help someone down the road. By the way, it still fits in my trailer with 6" to spare. 🙂