Dimly lit switches from ACC jack

I need some help from someone smarter than me. First let me say thank you for all the great threads and information about wiring and different installs on this forum. There are some guys that really know their stuff and offer some great info.

I have searched and read almost every thread in this section and cannot find the answer I’m looking for.

With that said, I have installed 4 Contura switches from OTRATTW (5 pin) in my XP1k and have wired a dome light, a lighted whip, light bar, and a blank for future stereo use.
I ran a 6ga wire with 30amp in line fuse to a Blue Seas Fuse Block under the hood. I have everything wired from the fuse block out to respective places.
I have everything grounded to a junction box and then to the frame. I did this because I want to be able to turn anything on without having to turn the key on and log hours on my meter. That all works great.

Now the problem, I wired power from the factory ACC terminal under the hood for the bottom lights on my switches. These are 4 1amp (or so) led lights that illuminate the bottom of the switch to indicate "light bar" "dome light" etc. I wanted those to come on with the dash lights. When you turn the key off, they stay brightly illuminated for about 20 seconds as does the tail lights and other dash lights. When everything clicks off, my 4 switches stay dimly lit. Like a little bit of juice is bleeding to them.

I disconnected the main power and tried it thinking power was bleeding through the switches. That wasn’t it.

If you pull the ACC 20amp fuse in the factory fuse box under the seat, they go off completely. If you pull the EFI relay, they go off completely. if you switch the relay with another one, same thing, they stay lit.

Has anyone else experience this?
Thanks for any help anyone has to offer.