Clicking Kodiak is driving me crazy!!!

My 2004 Kodiak 450 developed a clicking in the rear and I can’t find it to save my life! Here is what I know:

The sound is a high pitched click that sounds a lot like a bad CV joint but It’s an SRA so no CV joints.

It happens when starting off and sometimes when doing donuts. It stops once the bike is moving (unless doing donuts and even then rarely) and does not happen until stopped again. It occasionally (but rarely) happens with the engine off by sitting on the bike or grabbing it and scooting it to the side.

I’m about 95% sure the sound is coming from the left wheel.

I can duplicate the clicking by putting the bike in park, grabbing the left side wheel and rolling it back and forth hard. I have not been able to duplicate it by doing this with the right side wheel.

I pulled the left side apart, replaced the brake pads and checked everything and could not find anything obvious. After I put it back together it is a LOT harder to make it click by rocking the wheel.

There is no play in the bearings, no squeaking, grinding or any other indications that the bearings are bad.