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Lone star +3 question

Hello, anyone have the +3 LSR kit? I need some assistance. How long are the tie rod extenders? I know they should be 3", I’m hoping someone can measure the body length minus the threads. Mine are 2" and have to be screwed out pretty far to get my toe even close. I do not feel good about screwing them out any further. My kit is on an XP900 but I’m guessing it shouldn’t matter as long as it’s +3 with the extenders.

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Bypass shocks on a rzr 1000

Hey guys, this is my first post on the forum. I have a question.. Last weekend (New Years weekend) I was driving home from Glamis and we stopped at the Texaco gas station off of Tom Wells Rd between Blythe and Quartzsite. While I was fueling up I saw a rzr on a flatbed trailer behind an Escalade, if my memory serves me correct. Just as I was driving away it caught my eye that it had bypass shocks all the way around. Still had the stock Walker Evans coil overs but it also had Fox external bypass shocks front and rear. That made my wheels turn all the way home. I’m assuming the guy lives in the Phoenix area because he was heading east on the 10. It was a 4 seat xp 1000 and it had a wrap all down the side. Does anyone by any chance have any idea who the owner is? I would love to get ahold of some pictures and maybe even a chance to see it in person. Thanks in advance!

Rzr 800 axle help!!!!

Hi I own a 2014 Rzr 800EPS which I just bought the Super ATV conversion kit to make it a Rzr S style. The kit I bought (got a good deal) comes with the axle shafts and not complete axles. I was hoping if someone can tell me can I run stock Rzr 800 S axles with this kit? Are they long enough? I know they’ll end up breaking but until I can afford Rhino axles can I use them?

Shocks replacement on a Rzr S

I own a 2014 Rzr 800EPS which I just bought the Super ATV S conversion kit. I’m replacing the shocks and am having a hard time finding Rzr S fox shocks. I’ve found a set of walker evan fronts and stock Rzr S Sach SHOCKS. I have a chance to buy some fox shocks off a Rzr 900 xp. Can I use these in the rear without any special brackets? Does anyone know if I can use the shocks off the 2015 trail 900 also to fit on my Rzr if these other shocks don’t work? Also I heard on here there’s someone that makes special brackets to use 900xp shocks on Rzr S. Anybody have there info?