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Forward control arms

So I’m getting a list together of things to buy for my new HLE,hopefully on some black friday sales. Thinking ZBROZ 2” forward control arms even though I can get a deal on the Highlifter arms. Is this the right move or should I look at another brand?

Walker Evans or fox shocks

When I bought my 900xp 2 seater it already had a set of walker Evans shocks off a jagged x and the guy also gave me the the factory fox shocks with it also. I was wanting to get new springs and maybe gettin them revalved. Which set do y’all recommend to send off and who is everybody using for springs and revalving? Which set am I gonna see the most improvement out of? The walker Evans on there now seem to firm, (guessing because the springs was for a four seater jagged x) and I have my compression set all the way to low. I mainly trail here in Eastern Kentucky/Tennessee. Im looking for a all around better ride. I thought about putting the fox shocks on just to see if I like those better. Any input Would be appreciated Thanks

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Higher rate springs or longer springs?

I have an XP 900 with King 2.5 shocks. I want to raise the rear ride height. What is the correct way to raise the height without impacting the ride?

I was thinking higher rate springs, but I am concerned this will have the same impact as adding more pre-load. I was also thinking taller springs.

I am not very good with suspension stuff. Any help would be appreciated.