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New Member Peoria IL

Long time ATV rider. Worked my way through college in a Powersports shop. Have always been a fan of Hondas. I got rid of my quad when I graduated college and moved in with my wife.

Well 14 years later, I borrowed a quad to do some landscaping work, and my wife and two daughters went bonkers. The wife suggested, maybe I should look at UTV’s so the girls could ride around with me. After looking at some entry level UTVs I was not impressed. They were slow and large, and took up to much room. That is when I ran across my Outlander L 450 Max. Never knew much about Can Ams besides the fact they were out of my price range, when I was a rider previously.

After more research and taking my family up to look at it. We were all sold and we brought home our very First CAN AM. Can’t wait to go camping and riding. It has been great around the house and we got a plow on it already.

Unfortunately it may lead a bit of a pampered life but hey I should treat an ATV nice once in my life LOL.


hey yall new guy here. don’t have a can am yet but I thought id get on here to do some research. I have a few questions and I was hoping yall could weigh in on them for me. thinking about buying new and buying an outlander xt or xmr 1000. plans for use; mud, trails and work.

1) how well is can am as a company when it comes to the warranty? with the xmr obviously theyre marketed as a "mud ready" machine but if I take it in the mud and something breaks will they warranty it?

2) I have a chevy with a 6′ bed will these bikes fit or should I be looking at trailers as well?

3) as much as I want a 1000 they might be a little out of my price range unless I can find one used or go with the xt, are the 850s that much less powerful or for the most part get through just as much mud as a 1000 will? (im also a pretty big guy 6’2" 260, idk how much ill slow the bike down lol)

4) maintaince – are they a pain or relatively easy to work on, im no certified mechanic but I know my way around a wrench. also are theyre any "bugs" recalls or any know problems from 2013-2016 that could pose an issue if they aren’t taken care of?

Sorry for all the questions, Im just one who likes to do research on things especially when it comes to spending over 10 almost 16k on something lol. anything else yall think I should know that would be great!! looking to hopefully be getting one within the next few months, if I go with a ’16 I want to wait to see if the 1000r has any issues since its the first year it has been out.


2008 Outlander 400 needs low-end help!

My wife’s 2008 Outlander 400 desperately needs some low end to mid range torque. It is stock other than new Kenda 8 ply Bearclaws. I assume a clutch kit may be one way to go. Any suggestions for a clutch kit or any other suggestions. We do mostly trail riding in the Northeast. Not a ton of mudding but she wants confidence going up moderate hills. I also will be adding a 60" moose plow to do our driveway this winter. Thanks!