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Toy Hauler suggestions

So I’m thinking about buying a toy hauler/camper. I camp every summer a few times and have tented for years but now that I have a baby on the way having some extra room and more amenities has become something I’m considering, and to get my use out of it I want to get one capable of hauling my ATV too so I can use it for some quading and hunting trips throughout the rest of the year. Looking for some suggestions from you guys who have them, I don’t want a huge one, just enough room to haul one ATV, possibly two, and sleep minimum three people. Let me know what I should be looking for!

My new ride.

2016, 450 Outlander L Max DPS.
Options are hand & thumb warmer, windshield, rear tire chains & 3500lb Superwinch.
To be used mainly for ice fishing & moderate trails.

New 2016 850 XMR

Love my new ride! Used it for hunting, and will also use it for plowing the driveway in the winter! Took it out swamp bogging too and it was an absolute Beast! Can’t wait to ride in the snow and for ice fishing!

Never owned an ATV before, but rode many. Totally impressed with the overall performance of the 850 XMR. It does digup the trails a little with the aggressive tires, but I can live with that! :th_smiliethumbsup:


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Riding Henderson Flats in Madras Oregon 11/6/15

I took the opportunity before this great riding area closes down for the winter (November 30th) I picked a sunny day to check it out and I was not disappointed, fun trails to scream down in my Can-Am Renegade 1000 XXc. Ran into some trouble with a flat some of my bolts backed out of my Beadlock rims but still go in quite a bit of riding, fun time now if it will just snow a little bit before November 30th I’ll be back up there for a little snow trail riding. Here are some pictures with a few Mountains in the background. ENJOY.

My 2006 Outlander 800

Nothing special but it’s mine got a good deal on it not abused needed front brakes the winch wouldn’t winch in or out "stuck in free spool" and the speedometer is cracked and hard to read the digital display I have replaced the front brake pads with a heavy duty set I have replaced the winch and I can live without the speedometer and keep $300.00 in my pocket.
Me and three of my 4 girls [emoji5]️

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