Buying Polaris Big Mistake?

I ride in a group and 3 of us bought new machines last summer, with my purchase the last. All of us were riding Polaris Sportsman’s. The other two went with the crowd, in my group, and bought Can-Am Maverick’s and I was the lone hold out and got the RZR XP 1000.
Now they are the big riders with free time and probably have double the mileage on their machines but no troubles. I had a transmission leak, that was fixed. When fixing the leak they found the newly installed clutch cover was warped and so they replaced that. Again just normal maintenance for my friends.
All of that no trouble stuff happens right. So here is the real problem. I have had it in twice with a concern the front shocks are sagging and on this latest visit the dealer agrees. Mind you I have less then 1000 miles on this machine and the Can-Am’s around me have far greater, with all of us riding the same terrain. So the dealer contacts Polaris and Warranty company and get’s nowhere. Actually the first comment is I can offer you upgraded shocks. Excuse me???? I spent $20K 8 months ago and now you want to soak me for another few thousand? But wait my dismay got better. The response I was told from Polaris is that the shocks are a serviceable item that requires a rebuild every 1000 miles, at my cost of course. So my off road vehicle has a suspension that cannot deal with off road driving?
Well I read the book and it does state inspect the seals at 1000 miles, which are not leaking. My problem is it appears the nitrogen charge is gone and to be honest I think that was case from day one but I cannot prove it.
Well as it stands now I am still trying to work with dealer to get corrected but if this is not to my satisfaction rest assured I will follow the crowd on next purchase and go with something that has a suspension to take a few bumps in the road.