Blue and Red headlight Pod covers (400HO/500HO)

Okay guys, I have a couple pod covers for sale- both used. There isn’t anything wrong with these per-say; I just wanted to change the switch layout. They do have holes cut for switches.

The Blue has two round holes drilled for round switches; it will come with those switches. They are the same switches that come with Rigid Industries lights.

The Red is the exact same as the blue, but with the addition of four rectangle holes for Otto K1 switches. The four K1 switches seen here are NOT included. The two round ones are.

Be aware, they are both a little dirty- the blue one especially, but they are in good shape. I can clean it up and send another picture for anyone who is interested.

As for pricing… lets go with $20+ shipping for the blue, $15+ shipping for the red. Paypal gift or +3%… or USPS money order. I’ll ship USPS.

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