1998 Trailblazer 250 Ground problem Please help

Ok so i have a weird problem. I have replaced solenoid battery and starter and I could start it up Just fine a month ago. well all of a sudden it starts to just click again as if the solenoid was bad or starter was bad. I replaced solenoid again just in case still nothing. so I opened up starter found a washer loose and thought o ok so thats my problem. NOPE….. well i was checking my wire to my starter and it was resting on my foot brake pedal and i went to start it just for the heck of it when it turned over perfectly. i tried it again only this time on foot rest and it wouldnt do it. so I set it back on the brake pedal and it turned over. Im pretty sure it is a bad ground but here is the weird part i checked my ground and its fine its snug not loose i cleaned it and its still just clicking. How do i fix this… i can pull start it fine but recoil spring is going bad..:ponder: