1990 Honda 300 trans/clutch

Hi! New guy here. Have a 1990 Honda 4 wheel-drive 300 trx, been sitting awhile and when it goes into gear it jumps, adjusted the clutch and is some what better but not a smooth transition. I have it on block and in neutral the wheels don’t free-wheel, they all turn when one turns is that because of the centrificle clutch or do I have a problem? When the engine is running in neutral the wheels don’t move. Just a hack at this but can’t afford a mechanic and I like to work on stuff.

Why on blocks. After rebuilding the carburetor and some electrical repairs to get it running again it didn’t move very well. Breaks were frozen-up, removed the master cylinder and that loosen them, need to check wheel cylinders and make sure they are OK, too.

Thanks for the help!