’12 XP9 White Lightning

It’s time to pass ownership of this beast to someone who’ll use it.

It just got back in my possession after an extensive motor rebuild as a result of dust ingestion(well known problem Polaris continues to deny exists).

It’s got 4300 miles on it, tons of goodies, and is ready for a new owner.

I’d keep it but my son has lost interest in it as a result of becoming interested in riding on two wheels.

I put it on CL (’12 XP9 White Lightning). I’m happy to take additional pics and send to any member, just let me know.

Rig is in Vail, AZ.

Also, I’m asking $13K, but will knock off 500 a fellow member.

There are LOTS of goodies on here that can be removed and sold separately, if anyone is interested I buying something specific also.
Custom full roll cage (mild steel)
Twisted Stitch Seats (Wide)
UTV Inc steel lowering seat mounts
UTV Inc radiator guard
UTV Inc front bumper
UTV Inc full UMHVV skid plate
UTV Inc doors
UTV Inc 5-point harnesses
UTV Inc fire extinguisher mount w/extinguisher
UTV Inc tinted 1/4 wind deflector
UTV Inc side view mirrors
UTV Inc rear view mirror
UTV Inc LED interior light
UTV Inc switch panel
UTV Inc 2" receiver
EMP windshield
QuickLight lighted whip
EMP rear window
Zbros extreme high-clearance radius rods
Viper 3500lb winch
Factor55 ProLink shackle connector
Rugged Radios intercom RRP-660 (w/
Rugged Radios VX-2200 VHF radio (w/HH mic, external speaker, antenna)
Rugged Radios headsets
Rugged Radios headset case
Horn – electric
Polaris locking rear storage box
Rigid Industries 20" E-Series light bar (white marine edition)
2 sets of tires/wheels
-Original tires/ rock crusher wheels
-14×7 off-road wheels w/LT tires