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2015 Rzr 4 1000 Trailer Questions

first time buyer in the market for a Rzr 4 1000. Trailer shopping and am leaning towards an enclosed trailer. You guys got any photos of your rzr 4 1000 in an enclosed unit? Im worried about space getting in and out once in the trailer and also worried about door height. Any help would be great!

2015 White Lightning MonoChrome Build (The other white meat)

Ok I picked up my 2015 white lightning monochrome in Feb from Abernathy’s. Got it home and immediately started looking to mod it. I have a lot in the works from harnesses, seats, wheels/tires, dual battery setup, stereo, lift, TFBB cage. I’d like to give thanks to Moabxj01 for a lot of his help with the wiring and questions about stereo.

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No power

Took the new xp out for a cold spin in the mountains and could not get it over 15 in either gear. Feels like it had a govern on it. Could something have froze. I have a fuel additive in it.

Whats Better then Polaris?

After Test driving the xp4 and a can am turbo (which got a flat tire, and then threw a check engine light the first time i punched it and it started making good power…) I put my order in for a white 2015 xp4 1000. This is my first side by side and I have just finished up my first wish list. Unfortunately my aftermarket knowledge is limited. I have done searches and found lots of good info. I was simply posting for people who may want to share there experience and knowledge to help me make better decisions. Below is what I plan on purchasing, Please help if you know a better alternative. Thank you in advance.

I will be riding mountains about 50%, Dunes 30%, and some the rest up on peoples property and with the family slowly cruising. ( 3 and a 5 year old) There may be an occasional MOAB trip if we find time.

Polaris Poly Roof
3500 polaris winch
harnesses they had at polaris dealer which worked as lap belts or true hardnesses and i loved. I cant remember the name ha ha
polaris lower doors
lock and ride cargo cooler
half poly windshield
the dealerships street legal kit
Fire exstinguishers- None decided yet..

I also got a 4 year warranty with 0 deductible for 700 bucks.

Thanks again in advance, I can’t wait for this thing!

What size Tree saver/rigging strap for 1000/4

What size (width or weight) rigging strap/tree saver are you guys using for the XP1000/4?

I have a Viper Elite 5,000 lbs winch.

My RZR must weigh at least 1800 lbs with every thing I have added to it. I am also considering a 40′ 1/4" blue amsteel winch extension line since out here in Utah anchor points can sometimes be a long ways away!

I have been carrying a recovery strap and tree saver I used on an old FSJ J10 pickup truck and they are way to big and take up to much cargo space.


At last… Buying an XP41K

What do I need to know? First RZR, I have owned quads, dirtbikes, jeeps. But this is my first RZR. Looks like thhe reverse chain is weak, and expect front diff noise. What should I do or do not do and watch out for, mod to make reliable, etc


2015 Take off Parts for sale

All parts off of 2015 XP4

Everything is the Polaris Silver color

Front stock shocks – $450 pair

Front control arms upper and lower -$100 per

Tie Rods – $25 per side

Trailing Arms – $150 ea

Radius Rods – $75 upper and lower rear

Axle Shafts – $50 front per Axle $80 rear per axle

Stock Wheels and tires $750

Instrument Cluster $100

I am located in the Inland Empire (Southern California)

Prices do not include shipping


2014 xp41k pics with naked chicks!

Sorry I lied about the pics! I was afraid that nobody would read this if I said what my problem is. I have read hundreds of posts about the front diff noise and the driveshafts out of phase, just as I’m sure you all have, but I have a question. I pulled my driveshafts out and phased both shafts but can’t find a driveline shop in San Diego that will balance them. Does anyone know of a shop I can take them to?